BurnLounge Work Opportunity – Making a Profit With a New Marketing Method

26 03 2010

Several years ago when my wife and I were part of the BurnLounge team, a Multi-Level Marketing company. The excitement and energy of this company was something you definitely wanted to be part of. Several of our friends met us at the launch convention that BurnLounge was having in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had the time of our lives! BurnlLounge not only knows how to put together a vibrant and inspiring conference, with phenomenal new musicians and outstanding visionary communicators, but they know how to throw a party!

Unfortunately, BurnlLounge has come upon some difficult times over the past few years. If you take a visit these days to the BurnLounge website, you would expect the website to be shut down. Well it is not, in fact, for BurnLounge entrepreneurs there should be exciting sense of anticipation that something’s coming. As of October 2009, the company’s website hosts a teaser promoting BurnLounge 3.0 with the statement, “Get Ready”. So, how does a company with a new start, produce the kind of revenue stream that would keep members on board and new members knocking at the door?

1. It is Not By the Traditional Multi-Level Marketing Way

My wife and I started off working for BurnLounge the traditional ‘Multi-Marketing Level’ (MLM) way. We tried recruiting family and friends to purchase products and invited people to join the business. We had home meetings, 3-way calls, hotel meetings, we tried it all with very little success. Some might argue that “we do not have what it takes” to do this type of sales methodology. Well, than I guess 97% of MLM’s have people, that just “do not have what it takes” to do traditional sales. Only 3% of those involved in MLM’s, make a significant income with the company.

If BurnLounge does indeed rebound from the storm it went through, what can help BurnLounge business owners receive sizeable profits, the kind of income stream that the top earners of the company are making?

2. It is By Non-Traditional Methods of Marketing

In a nut shell, it has to be something different than the traditional methods. The days of recruiting family and friends or driving people to your brick and mortar business are becoming a thing of the past. New innovative ways to market your business has come through the Internet. Like the real estate industry, to generate huge sales and profits, industry workers say that the key emphasis has to be on ‘location, location, location’. If you want to generate substantial income in today’s market, you have to know your way in and through the internet. The key emphasis in internet marketing is ‘traffic, traffic, traffic’. You need to have the best training and knowledge of internet marketing and you need to be able to effectively implement the training you receive. There are multiple number of ways to market through the internet. Two of the most successful methods are article marketing and video marketing. As you learn methods to rank your articles and videos on the first page of some of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, you will see the kind of potential customer base that would make one easily forget any of the hard times the company has experienced in the past.

If BurnLounge plans to return to the marketplace, it would do well to encourage its members to seriously consider a new way of marketing their product. A way to produce the kind of income that would greatly satisfy former members, as well as, new members of this formerly innovative company.

Jim ten Bosch is an internet marketer and home business mentor working with people around the world helping them to accomplish all their career and life dreams and aspirations. For more information on how to successfully market your business on the internet to produce substantial profits contact me for specifics at http://www.Top-Online-Business.net

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_Ten_Bosch




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