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17 08 2010

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MonaVie Acai – Is it the Home Business For You?

19 05 2010

You have probably come to this website for one of two reasons: either you are interested in the MonaVie products or you are interested in the home business they offer. When you talk about MonaVie you cannot separate that name from the acai berry that it is identified with. So the acai berry is a product worthy enough to build a whole business around. Its founder probably had in mind the whole wellness and health industry when he first discovered the value of the acai berry. And it is why the company is so successful today.

When people in search for a home business opportunity come to a home business website, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether or not the business opportunity is a scam. Is the company legitimate? And if the company is not a scam and is legitimate, is it worth investing into? At the end of this article, I will conclude with my THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN verdict of this company. Let us take a look at home business.

MonaVie is a network marketing beverage company that was founded January of 2005 by Daillin Larsen who had a background of 17 years in direct selling and wanted to share the acai berry’s health benefits with people. Instead of just creating a product with the acai berry, Daillin had his team of scientists identify 19 fruits to be included in the MonaVie product drink.

MonaVie targets the surging health and wellness industry. With the baby Boomer population moving into their senior years, there will be no shortage of customers. If a person desires to be a independent distributor, there is a great support system that comes with the business. There is a distinguished research and development team, a very credible product that everyone can benefit from, a fully staffed sales and marketing team, and a friendly customer support staff dedicated to the success of distributors.


MonaVie’s refreshing acai blends are products with a purpose. From powerful antioxidant support to joint and heart health, each formula delivers key nutrients to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Helps the body’s antioxidant and nutritional needs by helping to fight free radicals and maintain the body’s overall health.

MonaVie Active®.
Designed to help the body’s joint health made up of plant-derived glucosamine.

MonaVie Pulse™
Designed to help the body’s cholesterol.

MonaVie EMV™
Designed as a healthy solution to the body’s everyday energy needs. Delivers potent antioxidants and essential nutrients to the body.

MonaVie Kosher
Designed as a combination of the Brazilian acai berry and 18 other beneficial fruits. Used for the purpose of fighting free radical.

MonaVie (M)
Designed to help the body’s natural defenses. It is a blend of 19 fruits and Wellmune®-clinically shown to promote proper immune function.

In addition to its premier juice blends, MonaVie offers three gel options-Original, Active, and Pulse, a gel option to its juice counterparts.

MonaVie runs on a typical residual income, multi-level model that requires a distributor to recruit 2 “legs” or lower level marketers before they see any significant results, with 9 ways to earn income and 50% of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions.

1. Direct Sales
2. Top Retailers Bonus
3. Bulk Order Bonus
4. First Order Bonus
5. Star Maker Bonus
6. Team Bonuses
7. Executive Check Match Bonus
8. Leadership Bonus
9. Multiple Business Centers

5. The THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN verdict of the company.
MonaVie has tremendous products, but they are expensive. If a person has a desire to become an independent distributor and does not mind working the traditional MLM business model of home parties, one on one presentations, renting out conference centers, recruiting family and friends, and tenacious follow-up, more power to you. If you are gifted in communicating with people and enjoy person to person interaction, you can be very successful in this type of business. But many people are not wired to comfortably interact with people and will give up once their sphere of friend, family, and contacts are exhausted. I would give a THUMBS UP for this company and its wonderful products and the potential to earn significant money if you love personal contact and you are willing to work extremely hard. I give them a THUMBS DOWN as a business opportunity, unless you know how to market beyond the traditional MLM model.

There are ways to market your MLM in such a way that instead of being the hunter, you become the hunted. If you could get 100’s or 1,000’s of people looking at your product because they are searching you out instead of you searching them out, wouldn’t that be a nice situation to be faced with! If you would like to know how to successfully draw traffic to your business, I invite you to visit me at my website at and then visit my BLOG at

Nuskin Enterprise, Inc 2009 Review – Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

26 03 2010

With the present economy being in such flux these days, you are probably one of the many people who are trying to find a job, and not just any job, but a job where you are the boss, the one that calls the shots, the one who determines when and where you are going to work, and the one that even determines how much you are going to make.

You have come to this article in your keyword search because someone has told you that NuSkin Enterprises, Inc. is a company that will provide such freedom. You have heard how wonderful a company it is, how outstanding the products are, and that the compensation plan is not so bad either. So is this the company that is going to provide you the kind of freedom you have always longed for? I am glad you have taken the time to do your homework to make sure this is the right opportunity for you. You will want to know what the truth is about this company and whether or not it is worth investing in-Thumbs Up! Or whether you should look elsewhere for your business needs- Thumbs down!

NuSkin: The History

NuSkin is one of the world’s largest network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) firms. It is a direct selling company with three divisions: Big Planet, NuSkin and Pharmanex. It was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah and has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. In 48 international markets, individuals buy NuSkin products for their own use, sell them at retail prices, and recruit others to also become distributors. Their mission is to act as a force for good throughout the world.

The Products

So what kind of products does NuSkin Enterprises Inc. have to sell? And are they worth the cost you pay for them? And are they products you can be passionate about selling?

Their major products are divided into 5 major categories:

1. Anti-Aging- synonymous with the name NuSkin. It was researched and created by some of the best scientist in the world,
2. NuSkin- a leader in the skin care industry with scientifically advanced ingredient technologies and skin beneficial formulas,
3. Pharmanex- offers a complete approach to anti-aging, with nutritional supplements formulated to nourish and protect the body in its aging process.,
4. Nourish the Children- unites NuSkin with an extensive worldwide distributor force in nourishing the world’s hungry children. Their joint mission is to be a powerful force in saving children’s lives., and finally,
5. Business Tools- helping to maximize the distributors business potential.

The Business

The membership fee is only $35 and you pay a $20 renewal fee every year to remain a distributor. Once you are a part of the company, you earn commissions off of the products you sell and also the products sold by people you recruit into the business. If you sell enough products, there are some large commissions to be earned.

The Compensation

NuSkin has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. It works for the part-timer looking to supplement their regular income and also for the full-timer using NuSkin as their primary source of income. The cost to get into the business is minimal and there are no overhead costs and you do not need to hassle with inventory.

As a distributor, you can earn up to 43% retail profits when you sell the products at the suggested price. So the more customers you get for the company, the more profits you can make. In addition when you recruit other distributors to your team, you earn up to 6% of commissions on the sales on your level 1 distributors and 7% commissions on the sales of your level 2 distributors.

As you grow to the level of Executive and Leader, you get more bonuses for your hard work in developing the team and earn commissions on the group volume. Overall, Nu Skin provides a rock solid MLM opportunity if you are willing to do the hard work and if you have many friends and contacts.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

NuSkin has it areas of concern. It appears as though they tie the hands of their affiliates by not allowing them to use the company name in public advertisements. Affiliates will become frustrated after they have exhausted their ‘Who do I know’ list, without other effective marketing strategies.

There is also the concern of affiliates meeting the company quotas. If an affiliate does not have initial success, they will be spending their hard earned money on very expensive products for themselves and any relative or friend that would be willing to try them.

This is a great company, with terrific products, produced by some of the top scientists in the world. The leadership of this company, values helping the poor and the hungry which is reflected in their ‘Nourish the Children’ program.

There is great money to be made in this company, but it requires recruiting a significant downline and a downline that will stay committed to working the business.

I give NuSkin Enterprises Inc. a Thumbs Up for its leadership, products, compensation plan and their benevolent service to the poor. I give it a Thumbs down for the difficulty obtaining significant income and the limited training they provide for their affiliates to make significant income. There is tremendous opportunity for NuSkin affiliates to make the kind of money that the 1% to 3% of the company are making. One of the most critical elements to success will be the training and support you receive to make a significant income.

Jim Ten Bosch invites you to look at some free online training that will serve you in whatever opportunity you choose, and a chance to grab a free special report on different features of home based business opportunities, go to today.

BurnLounge Work Opportunity – Making a Profit With a New Marketing Method

26 03 2010

Several years ago when my wife and I were part of the BurnLounge team, a Multi-Level Marketing company. The excitement and energy of this company was something you definitely wanted to be part of. Several of our friends met us at the launch convention that BurnLounge was having in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had the time of our lives! BurnlLounge not only knows how to put together a vibrant and inspiring conference, with phenomenal new musicians and outstanding visionary communicators, but they know how to throw a party!

Unfortunately, BurnlLounge has come upon some difficult times over the past few years. If you take a visit these days to the BurnLounge website, you would expect the website to be shut down. Well it is not, in fact, for BurnLounge entrepreneurs there should be exciting sense of anticipation that something’s coming. As of October 2009, the company’s website hosts a teaser promoting BurnLounge 3.0 with the statement, “Get Ready”. So, how does a company with a new start, produce the kind of revenue stream that would keep members on board and new members knocking at the door?

1. It is Not By the Traditional Multi-Level Marketing Way

My wife and I started off working for BurnLounge the traditional ‘Multi-Marketing Level’ (MLM) way. We tried recruiting family and friends to purchase products and invited people to join the business. We had home meetings, 3-way calls, hotel meetings, we tried it all with very little success. Some might argue that “we do not have what it takes” to do this type of sales methodology. Well, than I guess 97% of MLM’s have people, that just “do not have what it takes” to do traditional sales. Only 3% of those involved in MLM’s, make a significant income with the company.

If BurnLounge does indeed rebound from the storm it went through, what can help BurnLounge business owners receive sizeable profits, the kind of income stream that the top earners of the company are making?

2. It is By Non-Traditional Methods of Marketing

In a nut shell, it has to be something different than the traditional methods. The days of recruiting family and friends or driving people to your brick and mortar business are becoming a thing of the past. New innovative ways to market your business has come through the Internet. Like the real estate industry, to generate huge sales and profits, industry workers say that the key emphasis has to be on ‘location, location, location’. If you want to generate substantial income in today’s market, you have to know your way in and through the internet. The key emphasis in internet marketing is ‘traffic, traffic, traffic’. You need to have the best training and knowledge of internet marketing and you need to be able to effectively implement the training you receive. There are multiple number of ways to market through the internet. Two of the most successful methods are article marketing and video marketing. As you learn methods to rank your articles and videos on the first page of some of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, you will see the kind of potential customer base that would make one easily forget any of the hard times the company has experienced in the past.

If BurnLounge plans to return to the marketplace, it would do well to encourage its members to seriously consider a new way of marketing their product. A way to produce the kind of income that would greatly satisfy former members, as well as, new members of this formerly innovative company.

Jim ten Bosch is an internet marketer and home business mentor working with people around the world helping them to accomplish all their career and life dreams and aspirations. For more information on how to successfully market your business on the internet to produce substantial profits contact me for specifics at

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